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TOK February meeting: COMM Training

COMM Training

Don’t forget about our meeting scheduled for Monday 29 February 2016 at 1930 Hrs.  It will be at 3912 Sunforest Ct., Toledo, Ohio.  Please try to attend and bring a friend.

Rocky Roemer will be in charge.  The training topic will communications.  Jamie Garber will present an overview of COMM issues.  The goal is to familiarize all members with the various modes of communications that we may use, the different bands and licensing requirements. This should be a good foundation to begin preparing to obtain your amateur license.  Each member should work towards the general class license. Although this may seem intimidating, especially to those of you who are “technologically challenged”, it really isn’t that difficult.  There are numerous resources available to you. Several with links are listed on our website.  Look at the Library tab and COMM Page tab.

I used HamsTestOnline and highly recommend it.  I used this site for about 2 weeks prior to taking my test and passed all 3 elements (Technician, General, and Amateur Extra) at one sitting.  I suggest you schedule a test, which will force you to prepare for the examination, rather than procrastinating.  I know from experience, since I planned to take this test since the mid 70’s!  I had been a subscriber to HamsTestOnline for 6 years but only used it for two weeks prior to the test!  I also used a free app for my phone called Hams Test Prep.  It does not provide any “education”, but it allows you to practice taking the test with the actual test pool questions.  The ARRL also has several books that you can order.  However, HamsTestOnline guarantees that you will pass if you use their site.

You can find out about testing sessions on the ARRL website.  The next two local test are scheduled 20 March 2016 at Owens Community College and 14 May 2016 in Maumee’s Fire Station #2.  The test cost $15.00.  You may take all of the test at one sitting providing you pass each element.

As soon as we get a group certified, I plan to have a COMMEX this spring or summer to test the system.

I will not be able to attend Monday due to other commitments.  Rocky has the conn.


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