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Engineering has broad implications, but it is one of the major pillars of our organization.  the “engineers” have a broad spectrum of responsibilities that can include, but are not limited to:

o Search and rescue – How to do it without aggravating an existing problem or becoming a victim themselves.

o Rudimentary fire fighting – This does not involve entering burning buildings and extinguishing them, but rather protecting exposures so fire doesn’t move from one building to the next.

o Helping set up field sanitation facilities for the displaced.

o Helping set up temporary shelter for the displaced.

o Clearing objects from roads so emergency traffic can pass.

o Hazard evaluation and mitigation.

o Running water rescue flotillas.

o Providing and coordinating ferry service across rivers if bridges are damaged in the event of an earthquake or similar disaster.

o If there are enough resources for equipment and training, building of Bailey Bridges or similar bridges over rivers where earthquakes have destroyed the existing bridges.

o Helping with the transport of the injured and evacuees.

o Helping train neighbors and coworkers with disaster preparedness.

o Helping provide radiation fallout reports in the event of a nuclear war or disaster.

o Helping other entities with resource distribution.

o Helping with the care of the deceased.