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Communications Training



Sparks31: Excellent free electronic book in PDF format.  This file contains two books.  The first provides an overview of communications monitoring techniques for gathering information in disaster and other scenarios. Discusses various radio communications systems available for use by survivalists and other preparedness hobbyists. Includes information about police scanners, recommended equipment, amateur radio, CB, and other license-free radio services.  The second is Ticom’s book The Modern Survivalist, presents the reader with an alternative take on survivalism. Unlike the illusionary “what if” scenarios theorized by many “preppers”, Ticom’s book is a practical here-and-now how to think for oneself guide to adapting to the current environment, preparing for future probabilities, and thriving whilst doing so. Contemporary and applicable to anyone in any situation, it is a pragmatic guide to not being caught up in the current state of mass-media hysteria by being prepared, informed, and ready for any and all eventualities.

AmRRON: American Redoubt Radio Operators Network